Terence O’Toole ’80

Terence (Terry) O’Toole ’80 VSB is the former chairman of the University’s Board of Trustees and co-chair of our $600 million Campaign, For the Greater Great: The Villanova Campaign to Ignite Change. He has also served as a member of the Campaign Organizing Group, Steering Committee, Chairman’s Task Force and the VSB Dean’s Advisory Council. An ardent supporter of the University, he endowed the deanship in VSB in honor of his parents, Helen and William O’Toole in 2007, helping support VSB’s vision as a premier business school built upon outstanding faculty and academic quality. He has supported the University’s official student newspaper, The Villanovan, a publication of which he once served as editor. Most recently, a $10 million gift from Terry and his wife, Polly, established the O’Toole Family Presidential Scholarship Program at Villanova University. Terry is a co-managing partner of Tinicum, Inc., a private investment partnership based in New York City.


James C. Davis ’81

James (Jim) C. Davis ’81 VSB is co-chair of our $600 million Campaign, For the Greater Great: The Villanova Campaign to Ignite Change, a former member of the University’s Board of Trustees, and served as a member of the Campaign Organizing Group. Jim and his wife, Kim, have always made giving to Villanova a priority, recently supporting several initiatives throughout the University including Men’s Basketball, the Men’s Basketball Endowed Fund, unrestricted Annual Giving and the President’s Contingency Fund. During the last campaign, he, along with his brother, alumnus Bill Davis ’85 VSB made a $10 million commitment through The Davis Family Foundation to support an intercollegiate athletics and recreation facility and to create The Davis Foundation Athletic Facility Maintenance Endowment. The facility was named The Davis Center for Athletics and Fitness and opened in November 2007. In October 2013, Jim and Kim made a historic $50 million commitment through The Davis Family Foundation to the Villanova School of Business, the largest-ever gift to Villanova University. Jim is the Chairman and co-founder of Allegis Group, Inc. in Hanover, Maryland. Allegis Group, Inc. has been the largest privately held staffing firm since 2008. 

Campaign Executive Committee

James C. Davis ’81, Co-Chair
Terence M. O’Toole ’80, Co-Chair
Deborah K. Brennan P ’09, ’16
Richard P. Brennan P ’09, ’16
Robert S. Byrnes ’76
Joseph P. Campolo ’90
George W. Coleman ’78
Kevin M. Curley ’80, P ’09

Kevin M. Curley II ’09
William J. Donnell ’77
John F. Hartner ’85
Richard E. Kolman ’73
Richard J. Kreider ’83
Patrick G. LePore ’77
Christopher J. Maguire ’89
Robert J. McCarthy ’75

Craig D. Norton ’92
Holly L. O’Dea P ’11, ’14, ’16
Patrick J. O’Dea P ’11, ’14, ’16
Kristin E. Reed ’88
Tyson C. Reed ’88
Shannon Riley ’04
Charles Widger, Esq., ’73 VLS

Schools/Programs Committees

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Campaign Committee

Richard E. Kolman ’73, Chair

Christopher L. Albanese ’90
Meghan C. Hannigan ’90
Diane L. Tierney ’83

College of Engineering Campaign Committee

John F. Hartner ’85, Chair
Joseph P. Denny ’68
Daniel C. Flynn ’82
David E. Lewicki ’98
Robin R. Loporchio ’89
Andrew J. Packer ’10
Thomas V. Sanzone ’68
Robert P. Slegelmilch ’84

College of Nursing Campaign Committee

Richard J. Kreider ’83, Chair
Donna M. Cassidy ’79
Christina L. Kelly ’74
Jane M. Mullany ’80
Brian M. Reilly P ’15
Sharon Turner ’82

School of Law Campaign Committee

Charles Widger ’73, Chair
Samuel H. Becker ’78
Harry S. Cherken, Jr. ’76
J. Gordon Cooney, Jr. ’84
Joseph V. Del Raso ’74, ’83
Stephen D. Ford ’73
Constance B. Girard-diCarlo ’74
David F. Girard-diCarlo ’73
Michael J. Heller ’89
Arthur J. Kania ’56
John P. Moses ’71
Jody B. Seibert ’96
Kathleen M. Shay ’74, ’77
Joseph A. Tate ’63, ’66 

Villanova School of Business Campaign Committee

Kevin M. Curley ’80 P ’09

William M. Kelly ’72
Tom Klein ’84
Edward A. Liva, Esq., P ’09, ’10, ’12, ’17

Athletics Campaign Committee

Patrick G. LePore ’77, Chair
Malik O. Allen ’00
Francis F. Boulton ’73
William G. Davis ’85
Robert K. DiFazio ’78
John E. Fitzgerald, Esq., ’61
Randy C. Foye ’06
Thomas P. Giangiulio ’73
Alexander Martins ’86
Kevin R. Morano ’88

Parents and Family Campaign Committee

Richard P. Brennan P ’09, ’16, Chair
Deborah K. Brennan P ’09, ’16, Co-Chair
Patrick L. Donnelly P ’12, ’18 
Susan C. Donnelly P ’12, ’18 

President’s Advisory Council Campaign Committee

Christopher J. Maguire ’89, Chair
Joseph P. Campolo ’90
Robert G. Catalanello ’86
Arthur G. Condodina ’89
Kevin M. Curley ’80, ’09
Thomas J. Holt ’85
Christine Tanona ’97

Regional Far West Campaign Committee

Holly L. O’Dea P ’11, ’14, ’16, Co-Chair
Patrick J. O’Dea P ’11, ’14, ’16, Co-Chair
Faisal Badani ’09

Matthew A. Baldwin ’06
Megan Evans Baldwin ’07
Julie D. Filizetti ’84
Kimberly A. Kahl ’96
Frank McMahon ’82
Robert F. Tyson Jr. Esq., ’86 VLS

Regional Mid Atlantic and Southeast Campaign Committee

Robert J. McCarthy ’75, Co-Chair
Craig D. Norton ’92, Co-Chair
James C. Braithwaite ’62
F. Davis Camalier ’77
Ronald S. Cruse ’77, P ’13, ’17
Arthur J. Furia, Esq., ’74
Christopher P. Haley ’90

William T. Powers ’82
Thomas M. Venables ’78

Regional Midwest Campaign Committee

Joseph P. Campolo ’90, Chair
Lynda T. Brady ’90
Robert F. Brady ’89
Philip H. Corboy  ’73
Gerry V. Curciarello ’73
Brian E. Johnson P ’13, ’17
Kathleen H. Johnson P ’13, ’17 
Daniel F. O'Dea ’75

Molly E. Schreiber ’11

Annual Giving Campaign Committee

Robert S. Byrnes ’76, Chair
Nannette Cassidy ’85
Sean P. Cox ’01
Terence P. Delaney ’83 P ’12
Elizabeth M. Elwell ’85
Rev. Robert P. Hagan, OSA, ’87
Robert Hart ’89
Gerard J. Maughn ’74
Mary-Helen K. McCulloch ’08
Theresa A. Uminga, Esq., ’92
Sara N. Wallace ’00
Christine M. Wartella ’85

Young Alumni Campaign Committee

Shannon Riley ’04, Co-Chair
Kevin M. Curley II ’09, Co-Chair
Kerry V. Bruggemann ’06
Casey K. Coleman ’08
Michael Cunningham ’08
Courtney B. Curley ’09
Brian C. Davis ’10
Denise Downey ’05
Katie Kokol ’05
Chris Lane ’09
Chris Mazza ’07
Katie Nester ’06
Mark Porell ’03
Kerry-Lynn Riley ’07
Neil W. Scott ’08
Mark Thompson ’12
William T. Wiley ’09

Regional New England Campaign Committee

Kristin E. Reed ’88, Co-Chair
Tyson C. Reed ’88, Co-Chair
William K. Bacic ’78
Dorothy N. Boyle P ’14
Christina L. Kelly ’74
Kathy Mulhall ’80
Hillary L. Murphy ’92
Jay R. Murphy ’93
Kevin A. Tedeschi ’71

Regional New York Campaign Committee

George W. Coleman ’78, Chair
William J. Donnell ’77, Vice Chair
Glenn E. Alba ’94
Virginia S. Bauer
Joseph J. Garibaldi IV ’91
Leslie Curran ’87, P ’17
Peter M. Harding ’91
Daniel S. Malone ’90
Lauren Maughan ’07
Stephen P. Murphy ’85
Arthur A. Metzler ’86
William Petrino ’88
Eric Quisenberry ’98
Lori Sprows ’85